Kookaburra Worm Farms is a worms suppliers of live fishing bait worms, Catchall Worms R Plenty, Kookaburra Worm Farms, Crawlers, European Nightcrawler, Dendrobaena Veneta, Dendro’s, Scrub worms, live bait worms, freshwater bait worms. Delivered Australia wide.

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What sort of fish can you catch with COD worms?

Freshwater: Murray Cod, Mary River Cod, Sleepy Cod, Yellow Belly/Callop (Golden Perch), Silver Perch, Jade Perch/Barcoo Grunter, Jungle Perch, Spangled Perch, Trout, Blackfish, Australian Bass, Tarpon, Redfin, Catfish/Jewfish, Eels, Carp, etc.

Why are COD Worms any different to other bait worms?

Firstly, Coddies are much larger than your typical compost worms and even bigger than the African Night Crawlers. Coddies can grow to over 200mm in length and as thick as your small finger. We retail our worms at around 1.5 grams each which are about 150mm in length. Compost worms would be lucky to get over 30mm in length, requiring 3-4 worms on a hook for one COD Worm. This makes Coddies much more economical to use.

Secondly, Coddies are believed to be an Australian native worm. This means that Coddies are a much prefered worm by all Australian freshwater fish and many saltwater estuary fish. In other words, Coddies catch more fish.

Third, the Cod Worms have a tough skin and therefore stay on the hook much longer. The fisherman then has a higher chance of catching the fish rather than constantly losing the soft compost worm bait.

Fourth, our Coddies are bred specifically for fishing in a sustainable manner. We do not collect worms from the bush, which places a heavy toll on the environment of our farming and bushland soils. Coddies are very similar to the sought after Scrub worms (which are collected from the bush), but are slightly smaller and much livelier.

We sell our live worms in white rectangular plastic punnets. The worms are kept within the punnets in a specially developed bedding material that allows the worms to stay healthy and happy for up to 6-8 weeks. The bedding material is not soil based so will not dirty the fishermans hands like soil.

The punnets come in two sizes: 20 worms and 40 worms.

We require minimum orders of 24 punnets to suite our specially designed cardboard boxes. We have an all in one inclusive price for each state. You pay no more than our fixed prices.

We also guarantee the safe delivery of your worms, with free replacement, should your worms not arrive in good condition.